Hello and welcome! I’m Jennifer Belcolore-Arguello, Personal Stylist serving clients and representing J.Hilburn menswear in Fairfield County, Westchester, and the New York Metro area.

I am passionate about fashion and I love that I’ve found an avenue where I can marry my fashion expertise with the enjoyment of building trusted relationships. I chose to be a professional Personal Stylist for many reasons, but first, I love working with people and clients one-on-one to help them always be their best self. I know first-hand that when I help you look your sharpest, you are confident and ready to achieve your personal best. It is with this in mind that I specifically represent the men’s clothier J.Hilburn for its freshness and ultimately its value that I can offer my clientele.


I have a solid background in Pharmaceutical sales and sales management. In that industry, I led a team of 14 people, functioning as their mentor and inspirational sales leader, as well as project lead within my division. Relationships were my business and in fact, they still are. My clients who are male professionals certainly appreciate my approach and trust me with their image.


I began looking for a career that would offer me more flexibility and provide something fun and exciting. Fashion is a personal interest of mine, so I spent some time researching new opportunities. I first noticed J.Hilburn in an Inc. article and from there came to recognize what a great business model they had formed. This is the first time that this business model has been applied to the men’s luxury clothing industry, which makes my job as fun as it is cutting edge. This is a job that I manage on my own and a business that I grow via the relationships that I foster. I see men’s personal and professional lives shaped for the better by what I do and find this very satisfying.


Men, I provide a unique expertise to get you looking and feeling the best you’ve ever felt! I deliver a true, custom-fit wardrobe to you without the added expenditure of time and money lost searching for clothing in department stores or malls. I’m happy to say my clients have fun and love the fact that they have someone to guide them through the changing seasons, styles and fabrics that are literally made to suit you personally.

I’m looking forward to meeting you! I understand men who want to look smart—these men are ever-impressed by my eye for style. I’m completely driven by the way my clients feel once they are able to “re-present” themselves in a new way I helped them discover.


I’ve been married for almost 12 years and my husband and I have a three children, the eldest approaching their teens. We call Sandy Hook, Connecticut, home. We are a family of skiers. Admittedly, I’m a Foodie and love to cook and toil in my vegetable garden. We enjoy traveling to new cities, countries and love the experiences of new cultures.


Finally, I’d like to say that I’m in this to build a successful business of satisfied clients and knowledgeable, dynamic teammates. Men and women, I respectfully ask for your introductions to those you know who might benefit from my service. And if you know someone who is entrepreneurial, has an eye for style and might be thinking of starting their own business, either part-time or full time, please send them my way. Feel free to e-mail me directly here.

For those interested in actually representing J.Hilburn, here is a good link to follow.